Improving overall well-being 

in bodies

big and small

Occupational therapy based treatments through holistic approaches

Is your child not meeting critical milestones?

is your child missing important things going on all around them?

Are you looking for therapy strategies that include the whole family?

AT AAA Therapeutic solutions we provide family and group sessions for ages 4-14 to make you physically and mentally fit. we focus on improving your child's social skills, balance, coordination, strength, endurance and mental health in a supportive and natural setting so that your family can reach goals together!


Kids Groups

Does your child have a IEP, do they have trouble focusing, do they need help reaching important milestones?

Post Stroke Services

Have you or a family recently had a stroke and you're ready to get back to being independent ?

Adult Wellness Groups

Have you recently had a injury or surgery, or are you feeling fatigued and stressed out?

1:1 individualized educational plan

Are you looking for a  short term personalized plan without the weekly commitment? This is provided via zoom versus in person sessions.

About Me

I am a Occupational Therapist with over 6 years of experience in multiple settings. My purpose is to serve clients of all ages and stages to increase physical, emotional and cognitive well-being through holistic occupational-therapy based approaches. Our current services include yoga, adaptive yoga, therapeutic art, tai chi, lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, post stroke services and future services will include animal-assisted interventions.

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